Very Old 30 - 50 years

To facilitate your research and allow you to find YOUR Cognac, we have included in this category Cognacs containing exceptional eaux-de-vie, with an average age higher than 10, i.e. XO (Extra Old). Indeed, all Cognac houses, small or large, all Cognac producers, have in their cellars eaux-de-vie aged several decades, heritage of previous generations. The blend of these beverages can be 30, 40 or 50 years old, or even more (our Cognacs Very Old + 50 years)

Tart, stewed, spicy, round, complex aromas; the more the eaux-de-vie are aged, the more incredible their tasting is, with an aromatic palette in permanent evolution and different from one terroir to another!

A 30 to 50 year old Cognac reflects the work and passion of our parents and grandparents!